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Cultural Activities

These cultural activities can give you a depth of understanding that you cannot do on your own. Please let your Japan Tour Expert know if any of these activities are of interest to you.

Japanese Pottery Expert and Gallery in Kyoto

Robert Yellin is one of the foremost experts on Japanese pottery in the world. A visit to his gallery in Kyoto is an experience that no pottery lover should miss. He offers a wide selection of ceramics from the potters of Japan, both antique pieces and those by contemporary artists. His online selections are updated several times each week. Please do visit often to view the new selections.

Taiko Drum Lessons

Learn about and take a class in Japanese drums known as Taiko. If you love music, then taking one of these workshops is a great way to experience Japanese culture. Taiko Center is headquartered in Kyoto but also has branches in Tokyo. Their instructors are professional Taiko performers so you know you are learning from the best.

Samurai Sword Dance in Kyoto

Samurai Kembu is the traditional Japanese performing art that would prepare the hearts and minds of Samurai for battle. Seiga Samurai Kembu provides travelers with programs for learning the world of samurai. Enjoy the way of the samurai through the elegance of sword performance!

Samurai Sword Artist Troupe

Kamui is a world-wide “Samurai Sword Artist” troupe. Kamui was established and is led by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, and its performance is based on the original method, Kengido, which is a mixed style of Japanese sword play (Kenjutsu) and expressive arts.

Japanese Cooking Class in in Kyoto

Japanese cooking class with friendly, English speaking Japanese knowledgeable in cooking.

Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

Tea ceremony has been round for 400 years in Japan. Today people study tea as a way to focus and to pay attention to all the small details around us. Travelers can now enjoy tea ceremony in a traditional Japanese room by a Kimono clad tea ceremony expert.

Kabuki Experience in Tokyo

Kabuki was originally designed for common people as a more lively theater. Today this art form is best known for the elaborate make up and costumes. Your Japan travel expert can arrange for you to see a Kabuki play, assuming there is a performance when you are in Japan. They can also arrange for a lecture about Kabuki just before the performance that you will see. This will make Kabuki come alive for you and will make it much easier to understand the play that you will see.

Rural Cycling in Takayama

Cycling around the country side of the Hida area of Japan can really connect you with rural Japan. These tours start in the quaint town of Hida Furukawa (very close to Takayama) that many travelers miss.

Please let your Japan Expert at Rediscover Tours know if you are interested in any of the above Cultural Experiences. If you do you see the activity you are interested then just ask your Japan expert and they will do all they can to find a way for you to do it. These can only be arranged with the purchase of a tour.

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