Yufuin Onsen is also known as Yufuin Hot Spring and is a resort town located in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. Located in the shadows of Mt Yufudake and with an
abundant of hot spring water this town attracts millions of visitors each year. This would normally mean tightly packed hotels and inns located around a small town square but in Yufuin the gensen or hot spring sources are spread out. This means that the tourist are also spread out a bit. This simple fact means that Yufuin can maintain a small town feel that is much more relaxing than other hot spring towns. City planners have also gone to great length to insure that Yufuin does not get over developed. In fact local ordinances make it illegal to build tall buildings that might distract visitor of the natural beauty of the area.

Tours that Visit Yufuin:

Kyushu Hot Spring Tour - 7 days

Natural hot spring baths, or onsen, are fairly common in Japan but Kyushu island is home of one of the best, Beppu.

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