Hoshi Onsen

Hoshi Onsen

Hoshi Onsen is nestled in the mountainous Gunma Prefecture, which is centrally located on Japan’s main island of Honshu. This onsen (hot spring) was built in the 1870s in a remote area of the Minakami mountains, and is maintained by the fifth generation of the original owners. Hoshi is one of only about 50 onsen in Japan built directly at the source. The spring flows up through a rocky filter, and bathers relax in water that hasn’t been heated up or cooled down.

Hoshi Onsen has two indoor baths, one for women only and the other for both men and women. The outdoor bath has separate bathing times for women and men.

Takumi no Sato Craft Village
Takami no Sato is about 40 minutes away from Hoshi Onsen, by bus. This village is made up of 27 houses where artisans produce a variety of Japanese crafts and foods. Some hold workshops which allow visitors to learn how to make the items, and others only allow visitors to observe. Bamboo, masks, and pottery are just a few of the crafts that are made and for sale at the village.

Tours that Visit Hoshi Onsen:

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