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Beautifully situated in the mountainous Hida region in Gifu prefecture, Takayama has often been called little Kyoto. The town’s many temples, shrines and bridges are indeed reminiscent of the ancient capital and in fact, Takayama’s skillful carpenters are said to have built the Imperial Palace and a number of temples in Kyoto.

Takayama’s San-machi district contains old merchant houses that have been preserved in almost exactly the same state as 200 years ago. Here you will find a number of inns and shops that can be traced back for many generations. Not just buildings have been preserved in this city however; a number of old traditions still exist to this day as well. Of these, the most famous is the Takayama Festival, which is considered one of the three most impressive festivals in Japan.

Whichever season you decide to visit Takayama, there sill surely be something interesting on in this charming and hospitable city..

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Additional Resources

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