Kanazawa, a castle town on the coast of the Sea of Japan, is the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture and the largest city in the Hokuriku district. It is most famous for Kenrokuen Garden which was the private garden of the daimyo who lived in the castle during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868).

Kanazawa is a hub of culture and artistic creativity. Skilled tradesmen employ methods hundreds of years old to make Kaga Yuzen, Kutaniyaki and Shikki products. Kaga Yuzen is the art of painting on silk, used for kimonos as well as smaller items such as scarves and handkerchiefs. Kutaniyaki is colorful ceramic, and Shikki is lacquer ware. Kanazawa produces 99% of the gold leaf used in Japan.

Noh is a form of musical drama that has been performed in Japan since the 14th century. Older than Kabuki and more restrained, Noh performances are elegant and slow-paced. Since the Edo Period Kanazawa has developed and promoted the Kaga-Hosho style of Noh. Performances are regularly held throughout the year by Kanazawa Nohgakkai at the Ishikawa Prefecture Noh Theater. The Kanazawa Noh Museum encourages the understanding and appreciation of Noh.

What to Do in Kanazawa

  • Kenrokuen Garden
  • Nagamachi (Samurai Neighborhood)
  • Higashi Chaya (Geisha) Districts
  • Ninjadera (ninja temple)
  • 21st Century Museum
  • Seisonkaku Villa
  • Omicho Market
  • D.T. Suzuki Museum

Tours that Visit Kanazawa:

Classical Japan Tour - 14 days

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Japan's Culinary Heritage - 11 days

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