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Koyasan (Mount Koya)

Koyasan (Mount Koya)

Koyasan is a holy temple complex located on a mountain top, surrounded by cedar trees and mountain peaks. It is the center of Shingon Buddhism and one of the most important spiritual centers in Japan, with over one hundred temples.

One of the highlights of visiting Koyasan is walking through the Okunoin Cemetery. This cemetery lies in the middle of a forest of majestic cedar trees, and the roughly 200,000 graves contain some of the most famous figures in Japanese history. At night the roughly one mile path through the cemetery is lit by overhead lights and stone lanterns, and it makes for a wonderful evening stroll.

Tours that Visit Koyasan (Mount Koya):

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Nakasendo Trail

Walk along the ancient route as it passes through beautifully-preserved villages.

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Ancient Japan

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Cultural Diversity Tour

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Temples and Trails of Shikoku

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