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Sample Itinerary

The tours featured throughout our website are intended to give you ideas for what's possible when you travel with us. Treat them simply as inspiration, because your trip will be created individually by one of our specialists to match your tastes and budget.

Upon arrival at Kansai International Airport you will be met by our representative and taken to your hotel in Osaka by public transportation. Our representative will validate your JR Rail Pass Exchange Orders and make train seat reservations for you. They will also give you your cell phone and other transportation tickets. The train from Kansai Airport to Namba Station (in Osaka) will take approximately 40 minutes.

Osaka is most famous for its inhabitants and local cuisine. The people of Osaka are widely known for their outgoing spirit and friendliness and the local dialect has been adapted as the standard for stand-up comedians and actors. Osaka’s regional cuisine is thought to be the best in Japan. Dishes include okonomiyaki (a pancake-based dish containing vegetables, meat, and/or seafood), takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and udon (a noodle dish).

Hiroshima was the first city to ever experience an atomic bomb which physically destroyed it. The people of Hiroshima, however, rebuilt the city, filling it with charm and history. Hiroshima is also famous for its food, specifically Okonomiyaki which is a must try inexpensive lunch or dinner. Okonomi means as you like it and yaki mean cooked. Though hard to explain, I have never heard of anyone not liking it. While in Hiroshima you can visit the Peace Memorial Museum and Park, Shukkei-en Garden, or the Hondori Shopping Arcade.

Itsukushima Island, better know as Miyajima, is located about 1 hour from downtown Hiroshima. Its center piece is its large red torii gate which during high tide looks as if it is floating on water. This gate leads to Itsukushima Shrine which was established in 1168. The current torii gate was built in 1875. The island is filled with many small shops and walking paths. Once you have wandered a bit you should take the ropeway up to Mt Misen for views of the Seto Inland Sea and to see the monkeys. If you have the energy you can walk down the mountain back to the village.

Due to the steam and fumes that rose from Beppu it was thought to be Hell on Earth. This changed though in the early Showa Era (1925-1989) when Mr. Kumahachi Aburaya created the Jigokukmeguri or Hell Pilgrimage as a way to attract tourists to these amazing hot springs. This pilgrimage includes visits to the 8 hot spring sources also known as Beppu Hatto or 8 hot springs sources of Beppu. Each hot spring has different characteristics and can reach temperatures that are near boiling. The baths that you will be enjoying will not be that hot.

You will have a traditional Japanese dinner on Day 4 & 5 at your Ryokan (Japanese inn). After dinner you can either stroll around the area or enjoy a nice relaxing soak in a hot spring bath (onsen).

Yufuin is a rural hot spring area with a quaint feel, with cafes, boutiques and art museums. Mt Yufu’s twin peaks hover large over the city and rice patties are just a short walk away. Located just 6 mile (10 kilometers) from Beppu which makes a nice day trip.

On the last night of your tour you will stay in the ancient imperial capital of Kyoto. Here you will have a chance to visit hundreds of temples, shrines, gardens, shops and neighborhoods. The beauty and history of Kyoto is so vast that it is impossible to see it all in one visit.

Today will be your last day in Japan and your last chance for sightseeing and shopping. Please make sure you arrive at Kansai Airport or Itami Airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled flight. Your tour organizer will have exact directions to the airport

What Our Customers Have To Say

The tours featured throughout our website are intended to give you ideas for what's possible when you travel with us. Treat them simply as inspiration, because your trip will be created individually by one of our specialists to match your tastes and budget.

John Moawad

Classical Japan Tour

It was our first trip to Japan. Working with Jeff was a pleasure. His knowledge of the country and local contacts were very helpful. Choice...

Marina Boyer

North Central Exploration

Working with Jeff at Rediscover Tours was a wonderful experience. He helped me plan a 10 day trip of a lifetime to Japan with my mother...

Edan Ecker

Shoguns and Samurai

I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank you for the marvelous vacation we recently enjoyed in Japan. The entire experience exceeded...

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Jeff Aasgaard

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Jeff was born in a south suburb of Chicago named South Holland and lived in Japan for 14 years. He now lives in Commerce Township, Michigan with his wife Yoshimi, son Shota, and daughter Mina. He enjoys playing with his kids, volunteering with his daughter’s marching band, cycling and training & teaching Aikido.

Michiyo Kakiuchi

Tour Arrangement Manager

Michiyo was born in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido Prefecture though currently lives in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture. Her main passions in life is traveling all around the world and enjoying their cultures.


Tour Arrangement team

Noriko was born in Nagoya. During her childhood she moved around Japan following her father’s office transfer. She especially liked her time in Shizuoka, facing Mt Fuji. She now lives in Minoo (in the suburb of Osaka). Noriko graduated from Hiroshima university. She’s been to Malaysia, Thailand and Europe (Germany and Bulgaria). Her hobbies are hiking, reading and surfing.

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