Wearing a Yukata

When you stay at a Buddhist temple or a ryokan (Japanese inn), you may be provided with a yukata or cotton robe. Your yukata can be worn inside the temple or ryokan or you can wear it as a pair of pajamas. Also, you can wear it outside when you go for an evening stroll. Ryokans may also provide geta (wooden shoes) for walking outside. If it is cold at night, a tanzen or short jacket may be provided to wear on top of your yukata.

Following are some guidelines on how to put on your yukata:

  • 1. Pull the right main section of the yukata around your body. This is important as doing it the other way is only for the deceased.
  • 2. Place the left main section over the right one, pulling it snugly but comfortably around you.
  • 3. Wrap the sash (obi) around your waist.
  • 4. Tie the sash in a bow just off to the center of your body.
  • 5. A yukata can be worn both inside and outside the ryokan.

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