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Day 7 – Best of Northern Japan Tour

Today you will arrive in the town of Yamadera which is is famous for its scenic temple located in the mountains northeast of Yamagata City. The temple grounds extend high up a steep mountainside, from where there are great views down onto the valley. The temple was founded over a thousand years ago in 860 as a temple of the Tendai sect under the official name Risshakuji. Its popular name, Yamadera, literally means “mountain temple” in Japanese. Today’s highlight after climbing about 1000 steps will be the Godaido Hall. From there you will have a relaxing view on the valley. If time allows we invite to hike in the surrounding forest where you will find stone lanterns and small Buddha statues. The train ride from Matsuhima to Yamadera is about 1 hour and 25 minutes long.