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Day 13 – Alps, Cuisine & Culture Tour

Your private guide will meet you at your hotel in Kyoto and will take you to Osaka and then introduce you to the wonderful world of food in Osaka. The people of Osaka are widely known for their outgoing spirit and friendliness. The local dialect, known as Osakaben, has been adopted as the standard for stand-up comedians. Osaka’s regional cuisine is thought to be the best in Japan. Dishes include okonomiyaki (a pancake-based dish containing vegetables, meat, and/or seafood), takoyaki (octopus dumplings), kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meats and vegetables) and udon noodles. Your guide will introduce a number of these foods to you while also showing you areas like Dotonbori Street, Doguyasuji Street for restaurant goods and other sights. You will notice that the culture in Osaka is very different from Tokyo and Kyoto. You will use your JR Rail Pass to travel to Osaka but other transportation, meals and entry fees while with your guide are not included, are with your guide.