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Day 11 – North Central Exploration

Mt. Fuji is the largest mountain in Japan. Long worshiped as sacred, Mt. Fuji is one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains.” Its almost perfectly symmetrical shape attracts artists and photographers, although it’s rare to get a clear picture since clouds often block the view. A popular destination for climbers and hikers, Mt. Fuji is also enjoyed by visitors who simply want to experience the region’s natural beauty. With its unobstructed views, Lake Kawaguchiko is a popular location to photograph Mt. Fuji. Mt. Tenjo Ropeway is an aerial lift that extends from Lake Kawaguchiko to the observatory on Mt. Kachi Kachi. From here visitors can view the Aokigahara forest and Mt. Fuji. The trains from Nagiso to Kawaguchino near Mt Fuji will take a little over 4 hours.