Best of Kyushu - 13 days

From Volcanoes to Mangrove

This one in a life time tour will give you a chance to explore Kyushu you from Fukuoka down South to Amami Oshima. You will first rent a car and head to Kurokawa Onsen to relax in a Ryokan (Traditional Inn) with a Hot Spring bath and a gourmet dinner. The next day you will face nature on its wildest side around Mt Aso volcano. Then it will be time to discover the legends of Takachiho Gorges before stopping in Kumamoto and witness the reconstruction of its famous castle. Later you will take a train to Kagoshima to see Sakurajima (one of Japan’s most active volcanoes). After breakfast in Kagoshima you will visit Chiran Samurai District. This town preserved houses and gardens that are about 250 years old. Next you will head to Ibusuki for a black-sand spa.
After a 3 hours ferry ride you will disembark on Yakushima Island. The subtropical island of Yakushima famous for its wildlife and cedar forests. The oldest trees are said to be over 7000 years old.
Finally, Cherry on the cake: Amami Oshima will show you all its splendor!

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As with all of our Custom tours, changes can be made to this tour.
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Custom tour
Open - Independent Tour
12 nights, 13 days
Minimum of 2 guests
Breakfasts: 12
Lunches: 1
Dinner: 6
Airport pick-up and Orientation in Fukuoka on Day 1
Private Local Guide in Yakushima on Day 9
Private Local Guide in Amami Oshima on Day 12
For other days you will have detailed materials as well as support from our experts in Japan will be available for this independent tour. No tour leader is supplied.
-Kurokawa Onsen
-Mount Aso Crater
-Takachiho Gorge
-Yakushima: 7,000 years old tree
-Amami Oshima: Hidden Treasure
Age restrictions: Everyone younger than 20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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