Golden Route Japan - 12 days

Golden Route Japan

While walking the streets of Japan you will be amazed by the contrast between ultra-modern buildings next to traditional temples, by the kids walking around in their self created fashion and an elderly lady in a traditional kimono. Japan is such a mix of contradictions that it is almost impossible to get your head wrapped around it. Finally, you'll learn to just enjoy it.

These contrasts can be seen in various destinations of Japan. Tokyo is a highly polished metropolis known for its high fashion and technical gadgets. Hakone is where you will see a slower side as you enjoy a kaiseki dinner at your hot spring ryokan inn. In Hiroshima, you find peace in a city devastated by war. On Miyajima Island, you will see the world is reborn and filled with beauty. You will then travel to Kyoto that has survived for 1200 years and is the home of Japanese traditional culture arts like tea ceremony and flower arranging. Finally, you will find yourself in Osaka known as the kitchen of Japan and it's down to Earth locals.

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Custom tour
Open Dates
12 Days
1-12 people
3 star accommodations from US$3,850 (price can be reduced by skipping private guides)
4 star accommodations from US$4,850
5 star accommodations from US$6,900 (5+ star accommodations, private transfers and the like can also be arranged)

Your trip will be custom designed and arranged just for you so the per person price will vary. Prices are per person based on double occupancy.
Breakfast each morning and Dinners at your ryokan in Hakone and Miyajima
You will be met at Narita or Haneda Airport by a member of our staff who will take you to your first destination and hotel. Detailed materials as well as support from our experts in Japan will be available for this independent tour. No tour leader will be supplied.

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