Classical Japan Tour - 14 days

Must See Sights of Japan

You will start in Tokyo which was the seat of the military government during the Edo Period (1603 to 1868). You will take day trips to Kamakura to see an ancient bronze Buddha near the sea and to Nikko to see Toshogu Shrine where Ieyasu Tokugawa is enshrined. You will then head to Hakone where the citizens of Edo would go to refresh themselves and enjoy a meal in one the many hot spring ryokans. Your ryokan will serve you a traditional kaiseki dinner and you will relax in their hot spring baths. Now that you know how the ruling class lived you will head north to Takayama to see a well-preserved merchant street and morning market. Rural Japan will be your next visit as you take a day trip to Shirakawa-go filled with thatched-roof farmhouses. Many of Japan's artisans are from this area so you will travel to Kanazawa to see Kenrokuen Garden, one of Japan's best. The samurai capital was in Edo but the imperial capital remained in Kyoto, your next destination. Here you will explore the streets where the emperor and other aristocrats played and worshiped. Nara was the capital of Japan before Kyoto was founded so we also include a day trip. You will then head back to Tokyo to prepare for your flight home.

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Custom tour
Open - Custom Tour
13 nights, 14 days
Minimum of 2 guests
Per Person Prices starting at US$4,400 ~ based on double occupancy for at least 2 travelers
Breakfasts: 13
Lunches: 0
Dinner: 1 at your ryokan in Hakone
Private Local Guide in Tokyo on Day 2
Private Local Guide in Kyoto on Day 11
For other days you will have detailed materials as well as support from our experts in Japan will be available for this independent tour. No tour leader is supplied.
Tokyo, Hakone ryokan stay, Takayama's Old Town, Gassho Zukuri farmhouses of Shirakawa-go and Classical Kyoto
Age restrictions: Everyone younger than 20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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