Cultural Diversity Tour - 10 days

Experience the Diverse
Cultures of Japan

Japan is a land of vast cultural diversity with ultra-modern cities, sparsely populated fishing islands, Buddhist mountain sanctuaries, feudal castles and cultural arts. Japan Roads Cultural Diversity Tour of the Kansai area will allow you to experience Japan unlike any other tour. Since this is a private tour which includes only your friends, family, and a tour guide, we will travel according to your schedule.

Tour Guidance:
The tour combines the comfort of an organized tour while still offering you the freedom to explore by yourself. In Himeji and Kameoka, you will be escorted by our local Japanese liaisons. Fluent English-speakers and experts in their field, they will be glad to give you an insight into the local history and people. On Mount Koya and in Kyoto you will be assisted by a tour leader who will assist you with travel details like hotel check-ins and train schedules and will generally make sure that your trip goes smoothly.

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As with all of our Custom tours, changes can be made to this tour.
We will keep perfecting your itinerary until you’re completely happy and ready to book

Private tour
Open Dates - Private Tour with Full Time Tour Leader
10 days
Double Occupancy with a Minimum of 2 guests
From US$ 6,800 per guest
Tour prices include all accommodations, meals as listed below, transportation to and from destinations and while with your international liaison, travel leader, and cultural liaisons in Himeji and Kameoka.
Breakfasts: 9
Lunches: 2
Dinners: 4
Tour Leader through out the tour
Local Tour Guides in Himeji and Kameoka
Overnight stay at a mountain temple, Himeji Castle, home-stay with a Japanese family, Kyoto, close contact with the Japanese throughout the entire tour
Age restrictions: Participants must be at least 12 years old. Anyone under 20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Why Rediscover Tours?

Japan Experts
Rediscover Tours is “People and Culture”
Slow-paced and In-depth
Varied Japanese-style Accommodations
Varied Japanese Cuisine
Rediscover Tours offers visitors a rare chance to truly get to know the Japanese people and to intimately experience the Japanese culture.