Off the Beaten Path Tours

Off the Beaten Path Tours

When you have already done the Golden Route or must see sights around Japan, don’t stop! There is still plenty of Japan’s hidden gems. This page introduce some tours connecting travelers with a deep Japanese culture.

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Best Of Okinawa Tour:


-Snorkeling in Kerama
-White sand beaches in Miyakojima
-Night tour in Ishigaki
-Peaceful time in Taketomi
-Wildness in Iriomote
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Kerama Island

Best Of Northern Japan:


-Nikko Temples
-Matsushima Bay
-Yamadera Temple
-Ginzan Hot Spring
-Nyuto Onsen
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Kuroyu Onsen

Best Of Kyushu Tour:


-Kurokawa Onsen
-Mount Aso Crater
-Takachiho Gorge
-Yakushima: 7,000 years old tree
-Amami Oshima: Hidden Treasure
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Amami Oshima

Shodoshima Tour:


– Kanazawa and Kenrokuen Garden
– Private Local Guide for a day in Kyoto
– Staying at a Hot Spring Ryokan in Gero
– Day Trip to Nara and Great Buddha
– Shodoshima – Olive Island
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Rural Discovery Tour:

The opportunities are endless…

  • Learn to cook traditional Japanese dishes
  • Explore the village by bicycle or on foot, visit Izumo Daijingu Shrine and the Anao Temple which usually do not welcome tourists
  • Experience a traditional tea ceremony, try Japanese ikebana (flower arrangement), write Japanese calligraphy, and try to play the Koto (traditional Japanese stringed instrument) with our local cultural experts and artisans
  • Ride riverboats through the Honzu River Gorge, an ancient trade route to Kyoto
  • Tour a local sake brewery, a tofu maker, a pottery studio, a antique shop
  • Bonsai workshop
  • Journey through rice paddies and farmlands to the historic mountain village of Miyama
  • Relax at the Hiyoshi Hot Springs, treat yourself to a Shiatsu massage
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Home Stay in Kameoka

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