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Day 8 – Japan’s Culinary Heritage Tour

Awaji Island is known as the birthplace of the Japanese archipelago, when the gods Izanagi and Izanami first created an island here. Awaji has long been known as a Miketsukuni (a place of food production for emperors). We visit a fish auction at a port and a local producer of the classic Japanese semi-dried fish call Shirasu Boshi. We rendezvous on the coast for the ultimate beach lunch experience. If the weather is unkind, we will eat our delicious meal at a former primary school, now renovated as a lovely artistic café. Our chef today is a real artist and prepares what he calls a “Foodscape” (a food landscape). Using locally harvested ingredients, he uses his inspiration to create a natural landscape that will delight all your senses. Our accommodation tonight is a Ryokan on Awaji Island and in the evening, we browse the lively port’s backstreets and enjoy the drinking culture of Awaji Island with fresh local seafood.