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Day 7 – Temples and Trails of Shikoku Tour

Today we travel to Kochi city in Kochi Prefecture, formerly known as Tosa Province, the region of Shikoku most distant from Japan’s mainland. It is the largest of Shikoku’s prefectures but has the smallest population. We will visit Katsurahama Rocks, a unique formation beside the sea, then enjoy lunch at Hirome Ichiba Market in Kochi city center – a wonderful collection of over 60 shops with outstanding local produce. After lunch, we will visit Temple 31 Chikurin-ji, the Bamboo Forest Temple, with its museum of temple treasures. The garden here was designed by the famous master monk of the Rinzai Sect called Muso Souseki and is famous throughout Japan for its beauty. We will stay overnight in a comfortable hotel in Kochi city.