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Day 4 – Kyushu Hot Spring Tour

Due to the steam and fumes that rose from Beppu it was thought to be Hell on Earth. This changed though in the early Showa Era (1925-1989) when Mr. Kumahachi Aburaya created the Jigokukmeguri or Hell Pilgrimage as a way to attract tourists to these amazing hot springs. This pilgrimage includes visits to the 8 hot spring sources also known as Beppu Hatto or 8 hot springs sources of Beppu. Each hot spring has different characteristics and can reach temperatures that are near boiling. The baths that you will be enjoying will not be that hot.

You will have a traditional Japanese dinner on Day 4 & 5 at your Ryokan (Japanese inn). After dinner you can either stroll around the area or enjoy a nice relaxing soak in a hot spring bath (onsen).