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Day 4 – Best of Kyushu Tour

After breakfast you will drive to the Takachiho Gorge where the impressive waterfall contrasts with the basalt organ and in the background dense green foliage. The best way to admire the gorge is by renting a rowing boat and floating through the gorge. Takachiho is also a small town popular for its legends. Amaterasu (the Shinto Sun Goddess) is supposed to have hid herself in a cave because of her brother’s cruel pranks. Since then other gods and goddesses have been trying to lure her out. Another legend is that god Ninigi no Mikoto (grandson of Amaterasu) was sent from heaven to establish the lineage of Japanese emperors landed in Takachiho. Japanese people will often visit its spiritual spots such as Amano Iwato Shrine. Make sure to check-in by 17:30 as dinner is served early at your ryokan.