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Day 3 – Winter Nakasendo Trail Tour

From Magome, we walk to Tsumago along one of the prettiest and best-preserved parts of the Nakasendo Trail. We’ll likely encounter snow over the Magome Pass with fine opportunities for photographs. After the walk, there’s time for lunch in Tsumago and then an afternoon to explore the many small shops along the picturesque main street with its lovely old wooden architecture. Try gohei-mochi, skewered sticky rice covered in a sweet paste of miso, sesame and walnuts. Tsumago is a living museum, which is still home to local residents whose families might have lived here for generations. We stay overnight in Tsumago or the nearby hamlet of O-Tsumago at a family-run inn with a real sense of history.

Walking distance: 8.3km / 5.2 miles
Elevation gain: 325m/1,070 feet of ascent, 430m/1,410 feet of descent
Time required: 3 hours