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Day 11 – Temples and Trails of Shikoku Tour

We travel by private vehicle to Temple 80 Awa Kokubunji, Awa State Provincial Temple, in Kagawa Prefecture, also known as the old Sanuki Province. The well-preserved structures at the temple and its building exude age and atmosphere. We ascend to Temple 81 Shiromine-ji, White Peak Temple, situated at the summit of Mount Shiromine. We will then walk down to Temple 82 Negoro-ji, Fragrant Root Temple, with its beautiful lanterns, tucked away deep inside the heart of the complex. We will then head to Kotohira Spa by private vehicle, a small town in Kagawa famous for Konpirasan, the large Shinto shrine complex dedicated to sailors and seafaring. Our accommodation tonight is a delightful hot-spring Ryokan in the town.

Walking distance: 13.5 km /8.4 miles
Elevation gain: 655m / 2150 feet ascent; 335m / 1100 feet decent
Time required: 4.5 hours