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Day 1 – North Central Exploration

Our representative will meet you at Narita International Airport or Haneda Airport (assuming your flight arrives after 8:00am and before 21:30) and taken to your hotel in Tokyo by public transportation. They will hand you all your transportation tickets including an IC Card with an initial credit of 2000 yen. They will also hand you a pocket internet device and give you an orientation. When you arrive at your hotel they will check you in and show you where you can find some food and the like. The train from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station will take approximately 1 hour.

Tokyo is home to approximately 12 million people and can be a bit overwhelming. Beneath this surface lies a city of contradictions: ancient temples and shrines beside high-tech department stores; traditional festivals held in modern neighborhoods; peaceful Japanese gardens below intelligent skyscrapers. For its size and sprawl, Tokyo is an incredibly safe, efficient city with a low crime rate, the trains running on time. Tokyo is a vibrant metropolis overflowing with many fascinating sights, sounds, and experiences for you to enjoy.